“From that moment…

 He reached for my hand as we sat across from each other. Our fingers intertwined resting on the cold white marble table. Music danced around the room and the aroma of coffee filled my lungs. His stare was breathtaking. He signaled for me to lean in and whispered in my ear “I love you now and for forever.” From that moment on I believed in love – real true love. The love he has shown me blossomed into a passion – A passion to document authentic love.” –Kailey Faith

We believe in marriage – the union between two people that love each other unconditionally. We believe in preparing for marriage, not just your wedding day. As you jump into your getaway car and drive off, waving bye to your friends and family, the thought crosses your mind: “Can we relive this day all over again?” I have good news, through the images that we captured, you can. That is why photography is the biggest, and most important, part of your wedding.

We hope that the sacred moments we capture will bring back the love you both felt on that day. We know that all marriages have their ups and downs, but we believe that thumbing through those captured memories will bring you back to a place of unconditional love and grace.