There will always be something or someone in your way. Obstacles.

In elementary school once a year we would have what was called The Presidential Fitness Awards. We trained for them and then the day would come  when we would have to compete (I sound as if we were in the big leagues. Ha!) Some of the challenges were running, sit ups, pull ups and for me the ever dreaded – hurdles. I was afraid I would fall flat on my face and have all the kids laugh at me. I would always get in the back of the line. Which was the worst idea ever… Because by the time it got to me I was not so secretly freaking out.


But when I got to the starting line, I pulled myself together. I told my self “You want this so you have to look past what stands in your way. Fear. You can do it.” I mustered up everything I had in me and went for it. Not looking down at what was in front of me but what was ahead. And I did it. I made it to the finish line and walked home that day with the Presidential Fitness Award.

You see though.. I couldn’t focus on the immediate obstacle, I had to keep looking forward. If I would have run looking down, my mind wouldn’t have been able to react fast enough before the next hurdle got to me. In essence, I would have missed the hurdle and gone flying or broke a bone.

So although there maybe hurdles ahead, don’t look down. You will lose sight. Keep your eyes focused on the end goal. You will make it. You must jump and keep going regardless of the obstacles in front of you.