I always wanted to be a photographer, but weddings weren’t my first inspiration. The world of fashion held my interest initially. The lighting, the drama, the uniquely designed shoots, and of course the fashion itself. But I realized after second shooting my first wedding that I fell in love with, well…Love. The way you can’t script or pose emotion, and capturing someones heart through the lens gave me purpose behind the camera. I find myself now looking to capture the candid, unscripted moments that came with weddings or engagements rather than try to pose what isn’t natural or representative of the couple in front of me.

When I shoot, I want my clients to look at my work knowing that what they are seeing is real, and true. Instead of trying to figure out the lingo of “put your hand here” or “tilt your head to left, no your other left” so that a client lines up perfectly with some picture I saw on Pinterest, I find it easier for my clients and I when I just ask them to tell me the story of how they met or how did he propose or what is your wedding going to look like. Talking about these moments in their lives will bring back a resurgence of memories that will induce laughter, happiness, and of course, love.

Now through my viewfinder I witness the raw emotion that comes from reminiscing pouring out of the couple in front of me. The look in her eyes when she looks at him, the way they laugh together, or the way they embrace each other just a little tighter as they tell their tale.



“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

– 1 Corinthians 13:13


Love + Blessings,






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