This is probably the hardest post to date that I’ve had to write.  A little over a week ago we packed up my childhood home and my mama moved. There was a lot of mixed emotions – mostly sadness as the house I’ve called home forever became someone else’s home. I walked through one last time remembering all the  bittersweet times we shared. Life shattering times and life-giving times.

It brings me to tears just sitting here thinking about it. The good memories. There was joy. tears. healing. heartache. forgiveness. and most of all Love. What life is chock-full of. But there are seasons to life and  this season has come to an end. Now there is a new season starting with promise and new memories to be had.

Just a few memories that happened in my childhood home :

…. when I  drove my aunts car and crashed in the neighbor’s yard at age 2

…. when I had my first kiss at age 4 in the tree fort with all the neighborhood  kids watching

…. having all the neighborhood kids over – pulling out the sleeper-sofa and watching a bunch of movies we got from Blockbuster (and candy of course!)

….  Easter and Fourth of July neighborhood parties (I found the golden egg.. Best.Day.Ever.)

…. driving the 4-wheeler around the yard

…. making salt-dough maps on our back porch for homeschooling

…. remodeling the house and writing scripture on the concrete slab

…. sharing secrets and laughing till we cried all while sitting in the pantry

…. having my wedding rehearsal dinner with sweet friends and family

…. taking our very last picture as a family in front of my most favorite house. ever.


I’m so blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful home and I will never forget the memories that were made. The dreams that were dreamt. And my sweet mama and brothers I have to thank.

So here’s to never forgetting where I came from – new seasons – making memories!






We were blessed to have such a beautiful home and great memories to share as a family and with friends. Now we do look forward to new memories and a new journey together. Love you each one Paul, Kailey and Cole. I am beyond blessed and grateful for you!