Happy Wednesday Friends!

I can’t believe its already been a month since I did my first Taking Stock post! Crazy how time flies!  We live in such a fast paced world that it can be so difficult to stop.. take a breath and catch up on life. So I absolutely love doing this series! And a picture of the beach because..


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Making : my meal plan for the next 2 weeks. I made 2 weeks of meals for under 50 bucks. We’re on a mad budget because well, I like to save money.

Cooking : speaking of menu… tonight it’s Red wine pasta with chicken.

Reading : Make it Happen. I am finally down to the last few chapters because we had moved and you know, life happened. It is a MUST read.

Wanting : to be more focu…. Squirrel! Focused, yes, I need more of that.

Looking : forward to todays meeting with a vendor and tonight’s networking event.

Deciding : whether or not I should outsource my post-processing…

Watching : Lost. Well was, I just finished the last episode last night. One word: Confused.

Waiting : for someone to bring me some chicky-fil-a… I have an addiction. The struggle is real.

Liking : the new Jurassic World movie! I desperately want a pet triceratops and to train a raptor. #lifegoals 

Wondering : where I would be if life didn’t play out the way it did.

Wishing : there were more hours in the day.

Loving : how I’m organizing and simplifying my life.

Hoping : my sunburn heals very soon.

Marveling : at how well my herbs are doing! They haven’t died yet unlike my succulents.

Needing : my hairs did. A few girls said they liked my Ombre… What the what?!? You mean my ROOTS!!!

Smelling : lime. It’s in my water and makes me so excited that summers here! I equate summer with limes. So refreshing.

Thinking : too much. I over think things. The other night I was over thinking, over thinking. Something I need to work on desperately. (I think I said thinking to many times… there I go again)

Admiring : how hard my husband works to provide for us. I’m grateful.

Buying : a comfy office chair asap.

Disliking : how hot its been lately.

Snacking : on chocolate chips.

Feeling : nervous but excited about going to Fuse. I’m leading a group of girls for 5 days at a Christian camp through our church!

Laughing : at the fact that I have no foot-eye coordination (is that even a thing?!). Last night we played soccer tennis (or something like that), I slipped and fell backwards trying to kick the ball and then I kicked the ball right into my own face. It was EPIC.

Following : what God has called me to do! : )