About a week ago we decided to stop at the pet store and look at some kittens. We’ve been talking about getting a cat for the past few months after we had to give up our puppy, Gilligan. After taking him to the vet we discovered he had some major health issues that we realized quickly we would not be the best suited home for him to be properly cared for. But we are happy to report he is now in a happy home where he is getting the proper treatment! So here we are browsing the few kitties up for adoption at this store and almost immediately we both fell in love with one. So we take her out, hold her, pet her, and play with her – and this cat just could not stop loving on us. So as we inquire further we find out she is a Maine Coon – the kind of cat we have been in search of. Immediately we knew it was meant to be! So the next day we adopted her and we couldn’t be more happy.

We named her Sadie and she is 9 months old. She was a stray which made me a little nervous but she seems to be so incredibly grateful to have a home to live in. Sadie is a lover and just wants to be held constantly. I’m obsessed with the smell of her fur – I’m weird I know. She is so trustworthy and literally collapses in your arms. She hates human food  (thank you Jesus) and she also hates litter. So she is currently being trained to use the potty.  Sadie loves to lay across my face at night so I haven’t been getting much sleep but I’m totally okay with it. I’m completely smitten.

I can’t even express how grateful I am for this sweet little fur ball. She has brought so much joy to our lives. We’re undeniably, obsessed.

Here are some pictures of sweet little Sadie!

Happy Monday!


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