Now that y’all know we moved, (if you missed that post – here’s the link!) I thought it would be fun to show you our new little tiny house!

When we first came to visit Wilmington, NC last summer we had found the most beautiful community, right downtown, exactly where we wanted to be. We asked a few people how they liked living in the community,  checked reviews online, and couldn’t find anything but praise for this place. So we researched further and found out how very difficult it was to get in because no one wants to move! We prayed and searched for other places, but none seemed to fit the bill and none of the places in our dream community were freeing up. It came down to the last few days and we still hadn’t found a place. We tried to look for a place in this dream community one last time before settling for a less desirable secondary option and by some miracle a unit popped up! Needless to say, without hesitation we snatched it!

Oh boy am I so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to live in this gorgeous community. It’s a literal dream. I’m trying to convince them to let us buy a unit because we love it that much;)

The amenities this place offers are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. From a huge salt water pool to a community garden to a movie theater to free bike rentals to community yard sales and ice cream socials. I could go on and on. But the best part is walking down every morning to the clubhouse to get Starbucks coffee and donuts!

The catch, however, is we live in 500 square feet. Yes, you read that correctly! We thought it was going to be a very hard adjustment because our last dwelling was nearly four times that but, amazingly, it hasn’t been hard at all. As a matter a fact, I would take this tiny place over a bigger place any day! With some creative placements and well planned storage we fit almost all our stuff!

I’m going to break this up into a few posts because well, our place is just SO big;)

Lets get started!!

south-front-apartments-wilmington-ncWilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-1Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-6Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-2Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-5My awesome husband made the ladder and we got those amazing mirrors from Matt’s mom who found them on the side of the road!

Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-4We picked up these awesome plant holders from Ikea and then painted them!


Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas10I’ve been on the search for new pillows and haven’t found any that I love. I despise these but for now they work.

Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-3This gorgeous magazine is from Anthropologie.

Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-11Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-8Wilmington-NC-Living-room-ikea-ideas-9Kitchen-wilmington-nc-small-apartment-ideas-22You can spot our cake topper from our wedding. I love showing it off!


Much love,





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