Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Here comes part 2 of our tiny little home! I have had so much fun doing these posts! I love decorating and finding affordable ways to make a house a home. Today I will be showing you our bedroom and the bathroom!

If you missed the first blog post you can check it out here :

Walk Through our Home : Part 1

I found this quote in The Power of a Praying Wife book (if you’ve never read it you need too!) “Part of making a house a home is allowing your husband to be the head so you can be the heart!” I wanted to create a place that is a source of contentment, rejuvenation, peace and where love is felt. But most importantly a place where God dwells.

So let’s get started with our bedroom! It is probably my most favorite room in our house. I had a vision for our bedroom – Pottery Barn meets Anthropologie. Anthropologie is most definitely my favorite store on the planet but Pottery Barn is a close second! This room took a lot of time, nails and holes in the walls to get it perfect but I’m in love. My husband did such an amazing job hanging everything.

1234This awesome lamp is from Ikea! we purchased it for only $6.99 then spray painted it white and finished it off with gold!5I had purchased this C and wanted to do something creative but I didn’t know what. So while I was gone Matt painted it and wrote Love in all different languages! So precious!6We didn’t realize the irony of the bible verse in this frame from World Market until we hung it and read it out loud! So cool!!

89090I love this old Minolta film camera Matt got for me. I love collecting old cameras! Also, my bouquet from our wedding day!

1112Next up is the bathroom. Since we don’t have very much storage at all we had to come up with a solution when it came to storing towels and toiletries. I love the simplicity of this bathroom. Although it’s small, it is perfect for us!

I decided to hang this painting on the wall even though it’s not finished yet. I’ve decided every once in a while I will add paint here and there and eventually it will be finished. I love it just how it is though. It’s a great reminder that we are all a work in progress and we don’t have to be perfect or finished.19014I’m not ashamed to admit that every once in a while I enjoy a good cigar! These cigar boxes were from our wedding and the bottom box was a wedding gift from Matt’s best man. It meant so much because he was there on Matt and I’s first date and we all enjoyed a Romeo Y Julieta cigar.

15This frame was from our wedding and it was my husbands idea to use it to hang our wash cloths.

1617I adore this gold table from TJ Max. I had been out-of-town and Matt had found it and purchased it as a surprise for me. As he was waiting to check out a lady asked if she could purchase it from him because she wanted it!