Happy Birthday Kailey!

Today’s post is something unusual, given that it’s not Kailey writing it, nor does she know that I’m writing it. I’m not sure if hijacking a blog is a crime, but given that tomorrow is Kailey’s birthday, I wanted to use it as a platform to celebrate her.


If you were to sit down with Kailey for the first time over a cup of coffee, you would immediately notice how her smile lights up a room. How infectious her laugh is and how much she genuinely wants to know more about you. She’ll share her struggles openly just to let you know you are not the only one struggling and she’ll be the friend by your side to help you get through. She will be absolutely enthralled to have met you and come home to me to tell me all about you, excited for the time you’ll meet again.

You may not realize it while talking to her how incredibly driven she is. But rest assured, she runs herself on a tight schedule of what needs to get done every single day. If her checklist is not complete, she will not stop until it is. She holds herself accountable to achieving her dreams and nothing will get in her way. She has her struggles like all of us, but I have never met a woman so deep-rooted in her faith that no struggle can be too great with the lord by her side.

While there are many other things I could continue on about (her amazing style when it comes to interior decorating , her passion for her work, her hospitality, and her amazing knowledge of how to bake the perfect cookie to name a few), I will only list one more: being an amazing wife. Kailey, your grace and love shines through all that you do for me. Your patience with me when I accidentally drop food on the floor or somehow manage to knock something over for the 40th time or my shortsightedness in different situations deserves some sort of award. Your ability to light up the room with your smile stills stuns me everyday. And the way you look at me, with so much love it makes it seem like your looking at me for the first time, still gives me the butterflies.

Kailey as you blush and read this, know that I love you and how special you are. You make better the lives of everyone you meet! To everybody out there, thank you for supporting my wife on this wonderful journey that is Kailey Faith Photography. Please please show Kailey your love in the comments below!

Happy Birthday Kailey!!!

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