It was a dreamy evening and Brooke was beaming with excitement. They were celebrating 2 years of marriage. As I captured Brooke and Caleb I couldn’t help but notice the way they would look at each other. With so much love and adoration – as if they were seeing each other for the first time. They giggled and held each other tight. I could feel the love between them as the sun kissed the horizon and quickly slipped away.

Brooke and Caleb – thank you. Thank you for allowing me to capture the love between you. You have inspired both Matt and I! Your hearts are pure gold and the way you love each other and The Lord is a blessing to everyone around you.



PS – Brooke is an amazing artist. I could look at her work all day! Go check her out – https://www.etsy.com/shop/becomingdesign !!

Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_01Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_02Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_03Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_04Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_05Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_06Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_07Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_08Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_09Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_010Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_011Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_012Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_013Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_014Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_015Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_016Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_017Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_018Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_019Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_020Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_021Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_022Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_023Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_024Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_025Brooke, You are Stunning.Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_026Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_027Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_028Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_029Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_030Wilmington_NC_Anniversary_031




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