Dearest Kailey- my second daughter- you are one incredibly blessed and talented young lady! God has great plans for YOU! Very sweet of Matt to hijack your blog! Press on toward your dreams and continue to walk in faith with God and love towards your neighbor! wish we could see you today and give you a hug! See you next weekend! Miss Anne

Thank you so much Mrs. Anne!! So grateful to have you in my life!!! Can’t wait to see y’all!! :)

Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! Everything Matt said is true and so much more! I feel blessed to know you. :)

Ginger! Oh my thank you so much! You are the best!! We need to get together some time! <3

Happy Birthday is in order for my one an only daughter! You have been an amazing example of Christ to me and so many others. Your middle name-Faith- has been your rock and you live it out so well. I couldn’t be more grateful to God and proud of the beautiful woman you have become. Have a fabulous day and an even more special year. I love you to the moon and back!
God’s blessings, your momma

Thanks so much momma!!! You are the best and you taught me all I know!!! Love you so so much!!!