We were driving in the car just before the sun came up talking about life, the future and laughing hysterically for no reason. We were off to the airport. I held your hand tight and kept saying “I love you” and “I’m going to miss you”.

We pulled up to the drop off area. You grabbed my luggage with tears in your eyes. As the ocean hugs the shore, you threw your arms around me and swallowed me up. My heart was racing and tears stung my eyes. After what felt like the shortest but longest hug, you placed a book in my hands. A book I had wanted for this trip but didn’t get around to buying. You wrote a note in it but I couldn’t bring myself to read. Matt0I landed in Nantucket and opened the book. The words etched on a page. Words I will cherish forever. But you gave me a challenge – to visit every place the book talked about on Nantucket! Some I’ve been to many times in the years past and some I’m visiting for the first time.

Oh, you. You love me unconditionally. You show me so much grace. You pay attention to the tiniest detail.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – Thank You. Thank you for taking the time to pick up a book I’ve been wanting and filling the first page with words that made my lungs gasp for air. You pay attention and that’s how I know you love me more than anything.