Iphone photo taken in Nantucket. Sorry for the grain and horrible coloring!


I have so much to say yet I struggle to put it in words. I’m stuck in a rut of sorts when it comes to this blog. That’s one of the reasons why its been so silent.

I adore writing here. I’ve got my own little slice of the internet. But what I’ve been struggling with lately is the fine line between sharing too much of what’s on my heart or not sharing enough. Partly because I am a business owner and this is an outlet to share my work, so in some ways I feel like I need to keep this spot super professional.  But at the same time my desire is to be authentic and show people who I am. The messiness that is within my heart.  I’ve thought about starting another blog so I could just share whatever is stirring in my soul but I also want my clients and potential clients to see the ongoings of my life. So you can see my dilemma..

I had felt for so long that there was only crickets out there. I never really realized how many people this blog has reached up until recently. I have had people email, message, call/text me. People who have pulled me aside in the grocery store and say how much they love reading it. They identify with it. I’m so incredibly grateful and blessed that this little blog has helped, encouraged, and even inspired people to share their heart.

So I just want to say – Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for your support. It means more to me than you will truly ever know.

My ultimate goal is that the Lord will have His way here. I’m still not quite sure what that looks like but I’m searching over the next few weeks before we launch a fresh new site.

Thanks again friends for joining me on this journey as I follow my dreams and share the deepest parts of my heart.