Friends it’s October and I feel like I say this every month but really… where did the month go?!!? It has been probably the busiest month this year! We went on a week vacation to Disney World and spent so much time with family! We were so busy that we never even celebrated 2 years of marriage (Gasp!).. I know, I know we are getting around to celebrating it later this month! After getting back we had a double wedding weekend and then within 24 hours of posting our car we sold it. Let me tell you … God is SO good. We thought it was going to take a lot longer to sell but we ended up having people fight over it.

This past Monday we traveled to Charlotte to look for cars. We were dead set on one brand but when we got down to signing for it I freaked and walked. If you know me you know that – I HATE spending money… Like I rather live out of my car just so I don’t have to pay rent (I’m working on my money issues.. don’t worry). We looked and looked and right when we were about to give up we found the car for us. I fell in love the second we got in. I have never had peace about purchasing a vehicle up until this one. Although it was not the brand that we had been looking for, I knew immediately this was the car the Lord picked just for us. Let me tell you friends.. If you seek the Lord and be patient He will provide beyond your wildest dreams. I never thought we’d own such a nice car and honestly I cried as we drove home. He is so good to us even when we fail him.

Anyways, that was a novel and I have typed far too much.. But in other news I’m so over this rain. But this weekend I’m planning on hunkering down in my house, fall cleaning, eating far too much Ben and Jerry’s and wearing knee-high socks. Because when the weather calls for a possible hurricane it’s just what I do.

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So without a further a-do, here is this months Taking Stock..

Making : A new daily schedule. And I’m going to stick to it.

Cooking : Everything pumpkin this weekend. First up, this recipe.

Drinking : Starbucks coffee because it’s just so dang good.

Reading : Gone Girl.. It has taken me so long to get through because I really haven’t made reading a priority.

Wanting : To buy a new couch. But the couch we want can’t fit in our place haha.

Looking : forward to celebrating our anniversary this month.

Playing : Michael Buble. I love listening to him when Fall comes around. There’s just something about having a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand and listening to his amazing voice.

Needing : To return a few things that I bought a month ago. It’s been sitting in my car and I keep for getting.

Deciding : What pictures I should use for my new website. I struggle with making decisions y’all. PS – we are almost done! THANK GOD!

Watching : Hawaii Five-0. The new season just started and I can’t wait to catch up on it this weekend!

Enjoying : My new planner a friend got me for my birthday!

Waiting : till 1:00 rolls around. I’m meeting my sweet friend at the dentist because she’s getting her wisdom teeth pulled. Side Note : I never had to get mine taken out.. Oh wow, maybe that explains why I’m so wise;) KIDDINGGG!

Liking : My laptop case. You can find it here.

Wondering : How I’ve gone my whole life without watching Ghost up until a week ago.. So good.

Wishing : It would stop raining.

Loving : Our new car.. Duh! The next morning I literally sat in it for an hour and couldn’t believe it was ours haha. I might be crazy..

Hoping : After all this rain my garden magically comes back to life.. Because right now everything is brown and dead.

Marveling :  At how much faster I work when I’m sitting in my office vs. the couch.

Smelling : Pumpkin everything.

Thinking : About how I take my health for granted. I had a nasty cold over the weekend and it was a great reminder how healthy I’ve been and that I need to Thank The Lord more.

Admiring : How patient my hubby is with me… Let me tell you after Mondays freak out I wouldn’t want to be married to me either.

Buying :  Groceries.

Disliking : How cold my feet are due to wearing shoes that are soaked. I didn’t see the puddle.

Snacking : On chocolate I got from Epcot. Norway has the best chocolate. But be prepared to give up an arm and a leg.. They charge $10.00 for a chocolate bar.. Ugh! But really.. It’s worth it.

Feeling : Beyond blessed.

Missing : My momma.. Love you lady!

Laughing :  At my ability to make myself laugh. I think in my past life I was a comedian. My husband totally disagrees.


Xoxo, Kailey