Happy 2016 friends!

Oh I can’t tell you how excited I am for this year! I know I’ve been MIA lately but there is good reason for it. Not only have I been super busy but there have been a lot of changes this year (already!). Looks like changes will be happening all throughout the year and I’m so excited for whats in store.

At the beginning of December, my husband and I sat across from each other eating a bowl of pasta together talking about life and I reached for his hand and said “This is going to be our year.” I said it with so much confidence it kind of scared me. Now, I’m not at all saying 2016 will be a smooth ride, and lets be real, how boring would that be. But I’m ready for it all – the struggles + successes!


With that being said, here are few things that have changed as of January 1st + a few goals –



1 // I am forcing myself to be a morning person. Hello 5:30AM. Yes people AM. You would want to punch me in the face if you knew how much I slept last year so I am determined to be a morning person and thus far I’ve been doing good! I have way more energy and I’m a thousand times more productive.


2 // I have become super organized.  I made 10 booklets (probably more to come) to keep myself in check from monthly menu planning, to blog planning, to being diligent about tracking milage. I might have gone slightly overboard but its been fun!


3 // Matt (my hubby) is going back to school to study engineering! To say I am proud would be the biggest understatement. For those of you who don’t know, he is not only a photographer but also a professional chef. He has decided to pursue his dreams! Don’t worry though – he still loves photography and will be shooting every wedding by my side. Let’s be honest I couldn’t do this without him!! : )


4 // The most exciting – We are booking up and are already booking into 2017! So if your interested in having us shoot your wedding for 2016-2017  we would love for you to come over for some coffee or wine (or both) and get to know you! We love making new friends! : )


I hope you all have a beautiful 2016! I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you in this new year!