Ever since I was young I dreamt of traveling to Europe. It wasn’t until the last few years did I feel a tug on my heart to travel specifically to France. I would obsess over images of France and dream that maybe one day I would be lucky enough to go. I always make a list of goals at the beginning of the year that I would like to accomplish. Normally Europe is number one on that list but this year I didn’t even add it. This is the year of saving for a house and Europe was definitely not in the cards for us. But that all changed unexpectedly! We found a deal to France and booked it. And then I cried.

So our first stop on our vacation was Paris. Oh, Paris. I was almost in tears as we landed and walked outside. I fell in love. Our goal was not to be tourists but to live like the locals. Yes, we did see the Eiffel  Tower and we went to the Louvre but we really enjoyed just walking around and indulging in the best food of our lives. The crepes, breads, meats, cheeses, pastries, crepes and more crepes. All of it was amazing. After spending four days in Paris we left for Nice. But I must admit friends, the second we took off, I knew I left a piece of my heart in Paris.

Nice was a gorgeous old town in the South of France. The Mediterranean hugged the coast of Nice and it was breathtaking. The people were so kind and the buildings were so unique. Matt fell in love with Nice and he hopes to one day spend an entire summer there! I of course fell in love with Paris but it’s hard to compare the two because they are so different and beautiful in their own way.

We joked that maybe one day we would move to France but we were only half way kidding. We both fell in love with Europe while being over there and have been looking up trips ever since we got back! Looks like we will be heading back in the near future!

**In this blog post you will see some of the images from our trip but I decided to do something a little different since I took so many pictures. Starting next Monday I will be posting an image a day on my Instagram for Sixty days of France. You can follow along with the hashtag #KF60daysofFrance. At the end I will post all the images on my Facebook for those of you who don’t have an Instagram!!**



P.S. some of these images are taken with an iPhone.. so don’t mind the grain!!




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