We were sitting on the couch my head resting on my husbands lap and I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone. I came across a post someone had shared about the Cherry Blossoms.  We did some research as to when they were predicting they would be in bloom and taaadaaaa! They were blooming that weekend! So we packed a bag, booked a hotel and took off to DC.

No one prepared us for how awful the traffic would be. We drove around for 2 hours trying to find a parking spot. We finally found one. The second we got out of the car the aroma of cherries filled the air. We walked hand in hand around the Tidal Basin that had more than 3,000 Cherry Blossom trees! It was simply magical. Something out of a fairy tale.  I can’t tell you enough – EVERYONE needs to experience it.

So next year, GO!

Xoxo, Kailey

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