Laura was floating around the room, with a beautiful smile on her face, making sure everyone had a drink in hand and we’re enjoying themselves. That’s just who Laura is. Ryan and Laura had waited for this day since the moment they laid eyes on each other back in high school. The love Laura has for Ryan is so plain to see. Today was the day that she could express her love for him in front of family and friends that flew in from all over the world.  Ryan, couldn’t wait to see his bride. Once she was in his arms he new his world would be complete.

The ceremony was held in a little chapel, as tears streamed down everyones cheeks, the kind of love that most search a lifetime for had filled the room. They celebrated their love with dancing and cake but what was most special was the words that were spoken during toasts from not only the maid of honor and best man but from both Ryan and Laura’s fathers. It was a night filled with tears, laughter, memories and most importantly love!

Laura and Ryan – I adore you both and I know the love that you share is something out of a fairytale. Thank you for letting me take part in your special day. I feel so beyond blessed to have met you both and we will most definitley come visit y’all in Raleigh!

SO much love, Kailey

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