My sweet husband,

Can you believe it? Can you believe we have made it to year three of marriage? We are loving each other more and more each day, pushing each other into who we were made to be and chasing after the one who literally took our broken marriage and made it whole.

If we’re being honest we didn’t think we would make it this far. Most of 2015 was filled with heartache. We both were striped down to our core having to bare it all. All our hidden sin, lies, insecurities. We were broken human beings trying to make this marriage thing work. Everyone said how much hard work marriage was but I didn’t believe it. No, not ours.

At the end of our 18 hour first “date”, the one you were three hours late too, then brought your best friend (so much love for you Carl!) because you didn’t want to really go on a date with me (I get it. I was obnoxious when working at the Breakers!)  and we ended up staying up till dawn playing xbox kinect and laughing so hard, yeah after that one date, we knew this was it. Three days later you professed your love for me while we were sitting on a lifeguard stand, dreaming about the future. Those first two weeks were the most amazing weeks of my life, from you making me the most delicious food ever (I couldn’t believe I was dating a chef. Literally my dream come true. No really it was always my dream to marry a chef), to exploring Delray and eating the most delicious cheeseburgers (our dates always involved food), to going to the Sundy house, and the list goes on and on..

A quick 4 months later we were engaged and 5 months after that we were standing in front of our family and friends vowing to make God the head of our home and to love each other no matter what we would go through. We truly didn’t know what we were promising to each other that day three years ago.


The good times stayed around for awhile and then the bad times came and it was relentless. For a year we kept getting knocked down and on that cool day in October we looked at each other and both said we didn’t think this was going to work anymore. It was over. We both had been so badly hurt by each others words and actions. Nothing could fix this.

But what little faith we had..

A week later God intervened and showed us what unconditional love really looked like and that He could restore and fix what we had ruined (friends – this is a story for another time but it’s oh so good!). From that moment on we learned to walk in grace and forgiveness, speak love, and break free from the chains that bound us. We vowed to never speak of divorce again but rather go to the cross and let the one who died for us to lead us.

On our wedding day we would have never imagined the trials and the redemption that would take place over those three years. But I write this not to reminese on the bad times but rather for us to remember where we came from, broken and a mess, to where we are now, whole only because of Jesus.

This year we have traveled to europe, got a puppy (that is much more work than we thought), my business has grown rapidly, we traveled to my favorite place in all the world – Nantucket (thanks to my aunt and uncle!), you changed careers, soon buying a house and we have loved… loved with reckless abandon.

Often my heart aches but this time it aches with the amount of love I have for you. It has set my soul on fire and I can’t help but look up and give our God all the praise.

You have my heart forever,


p.s. – poke.