Cristen got a call from her friend. She was at a bar and needed a ride home. When Cristen walked in to find her friend she caught Jeremy’s eye. He immediately ran over and asked her to dance but she declined. Cristen left that evening with her friend. But a few weeks later Cristen went back to that same bar and as fate would have it – Jeremy was there. She decided to walk over and talk to him and needless to say the night ended with them dancing in the middle of the bar and phone numbers exchanged.

Fast forward and Jeremy had planned  down to every detail how he was going to propose. He made dinner reservations and everything was set. The day had come and that evening he was going to pop the question but he just couldn’t wait ALL day. So in their closet as Cristen was getting ready for work, Jeremy dropped down on one knee and asked Cristen to be his forever.

Fate brought these two together and simply put they are meant to be.

I can’t wait to photograph these two on the day they become husband and wife! Spring can’t get here soon enough!

Xoxo, Kailey

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