I’ve lived too long with the notion that I have to do it all and be it all. The expectations I had for myself in my personal and business life were literally sucking the life out of me. It all came to a head a little while back. I was not only mentally and physically drained but I was also sick of the mundane. So I cried for a long time.. Slept even longer. Threw an entire party just for one – me – surrounded by pity.

A few days went by, I found myself sitting outside soaking up the sunshine and for the first time in a long time I could breath. The stress and burden of trying to have it all together – vanished. I didn’t realize the weight I was carrying. So from then on I vowed to live. Live without expectations. Live without rules. Stop comparing.

All that being said, I wanted to document my monthly goals… Some must be done, and others are things that I simply want to do but if I don’t that’s okay too (see what I did there – no expectations – it feels dang good). I want to look back and see that I worked hard but also lived well. Did things that I loved and enjoyed.

May goals
Shoot 4 weddings 
Read – What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast
Plan a vacation
Pay off the Infiniti 
Organize the garage
Book 2 weddings
Update website
Revamp client gifts
Wallpaper downstairs bathroom  
Finish painting living room canvas

Here’s to :
spending less time scrolling and more time living in the moment. Enjoying homemade pasta, sipping fresh strawberry lemonade, digging in the dirt, reading until my eyes hurt, painting with my fingers, and creating images that will leave a legacy.