Ahhh I am so excited its July! We are packed with weddings, shoots and lots of traveling.. Traveling to my most favorite place – Nantucket! I totally skipped last months goals because I was in Bermuda and chose to be in the moment rather than work. It was wonderful and worth it (blog post coming soon!).

Anyways.. I thought I would follow up on a few of Mays goals and then head into this months goals.

Mays Goals : 

Pay off Infiniti – we did and now we are working on the Volvo.. If no hiccups occur it will be on next months goals!
Shoot 4 weddings – Success!
Organize the garage – we did this over the July 4th weekend! 
Wallpaper the bathroom – the hubs made all my white and gold dreams come true. Now the hard part is finding the right gold fixtures.. If you know of any places shoot me an email please!
Book 2 weddings for 2018 – check!

Now on to July goals :

Shoot 3 weddings and 2 engagement sessions
Travel to Florida for a wedding and a family reunion!
Travel to Nantucket because well.. it’s Nantucket! Spending time with family and shooting an engagement is on the agenda as well as all our favorite food places!
Organize receipts + office
Plan anniversary trip for September
Update head shots for website – this is well over do so. I’m excited to do a website refresh in the coming months!
Order prints for dining room wall
Order 2012 and 2013 family albums

Thats it for now. I hope you have a wonderful month of July and feel free to share some of your goals with me!