It feels like fall y’all and I could not be more excited! Summer was fun while it lasted but I love everything about fall.. homemade pies, soups, pumpkin spice everything, windows open and candles burning.  

August was relaxing, we shot only a few weddings, prepped our house for the change in season (cleaned everything out, wiped blinds, went to goodwill, you know all the fun stuff)! We also celebrated my birthday with lots of sweets and went to a Knights baseball game! I got the best birthday gift ever – Peace of mind. We installed security cameras and let me tell you.. life changing. Except for the fact that I can see and hear myself talk. I was mortified because wow I can be a bit Extra at times. It’s definitely motivating me to act and respond differently. Ha!

We started this month traveling to Florida for shoots, baby showers and enjoying the long weekend with family.  Unfortunately coming home we were greeted with a broken air conditioner. I had an intuition something was wrong prior to leaving but the hubs thought I was being paranoid.. Well I wasn’t but thank the sweet Lord for home warranties. Anyways, we are now prepping in case we get hit with the remanence of Hurricane Irma and praying for all those who are in her path.

September goals :

-Travel to Florida for engagement sessions and two baby showers!

-Travel up North to visit family (this is not set in stone but working on it!) 

-Order more Rams for work computer

-Food prep day

-Start on a workout schedule

-Update mileage spreadsheet (I’m a little behind.. just a little!).

-Organize closet + change out clothes for fall

-Finish Inventory list for insurance purposes

-Celebrate 4 year Wedding Anniversary! Woohoo!