Our sweet new addition – Lucy!

Hi sweet friends and Happy October!

Thank the sweet Lord it’s October.. September was a good but also a rough month for us. We were without air conditioning for 2 weeks, our dryer broke, and we adopted a sweet but very sick kitty.. I have been looking forward to the start of a new month and in particular, October.

We are getting back into busy season again and I’m traveling to not only see some family in California but also shoot an engagement session that I’m SO excited about. I’ve never been there before so there will be lots of touristy pictures and hitting all the food stops!

October Goals \\

-Finish and print Bridal Guide Magazine
-Decorate master bedroom
-Shoot 3 weddings, 2 Engagement sessions + 1 Family session
-Travel to San Diego, Las Vegas, + Wilmington
-Eat at In-N-Out (SO many praise hands!)
-Read – What did you Expect?
-Celebrate 5 years since our first date!
-Work on SEO for my website (I started this last month and I am loving working on it!)