Ahh friends it’s here… HELLO 2018!!!

January is always my favorite month because I love fresh starts and setting big goals. If I didn’t set goals I’d probably live on my couch with a stack of books and eat all the donuts in the world. Goals keep me grounded, focused, determined to do bigger and better things to further His kingdom!

Now if I was being completely honest.. New Year’s Day looked a little differently and felt different than I had hoped. It started great with coffee and a movie after rolling out of bed, followed by deep cleaning our house and then it just stopped there. I tried desperately to keep going but I was kinda down. The week prior I had spent all my time with the hubs so it was hard to let it go. Gosh, I love that man. Anyways, we ended up laying on the couch the rest of the day watching movies and eating puppy chow. It was definitely not how I had planned on spending the best day of the year but I took it in stride and let myself feel all the feels.

This is the year of the Hard and the Fruitful. Those are the words that the Lord gave me. I pray fervently the month before the new year and ask the Lord to give me a word(s) that will lay the foundation for the New Year.

2018 – Hard but Fruitful.

I’ll take it.

Big dreams are being dreamt over here. Huge Goals. Major changes. So here I go. Laying the foundation for what I want this year to look like and then I’ll go over my personal and business goals for the months ahead.


Email Newsletter

I will be starting an Email Newsletter this month! Yayy!!! You will receive pdfs, news, marriage advice, organization tips, encouragement and a whole lot more dropped in your email once to twice a month. With that I will also be doing a giveaway every month and the only way you can get in on a free cup of coffee or a piece of art or even maybe a free session is if you subscribe! Here’s the link to get in on all the goodness : Click here!


Social Media

I undeniably have a love/hate relationship with instagram, fb, snapchat… I love it because I believe it can be such a wonderful place to encourage others and show the real messy you but at the same time I think it can be a place filled with negativity, comparison and self doubt. I’ve struggled with social media for a while and over the break I took time to clean out my instagram and Facebook. Mainly I unfollowed most fb groups and unfollowed instagram pages that were mostly businesses and wedding related. I was getting overwhelmed with seeing everyone else’s work that I realized I was getting stuck in comparison. So I’ve chosen to solely follow people that I know. With that being said, my goal is to post more but show you my life, what I’m doing, behind the scences and add in some pretty images every now and then. Last year I spent far too much time scrolling and I’m not letting 2018 slip away due to me being on my phone.



I re-evaluated last year and I felt pulled in a million directions in regards to communicating with people.. from email to texting, phone calls to FB messages, SnapChat to Instagram messages. I wanted to lay out the best way to get a quick and timely response. Email is my preferred method to get in touch with me : [email protected]. Second best is to give me a ring. I will still do my best to respond to Facebook messages, Instagram messages, etc. but just know my response my take a little longer.


Phew that was a lot. Now that I’ve laid out the changes, here our my goals for the year. I have a back up list just in case I get super ambitious and knock all these out before the year is up!

First and foremost, my number one goal is to be Present + Love well.

Personal Goals :

– Vacation every quarter (this doesn’t mean big trips, just even doing a staycation)
– Get involved in a Small Group
– Organize personal photos
– Self care regularly
– Take a class (I’m thinking calligraphy)
– Run a 10k
– Save $$$ for a new car
– Pay off my SUV
– Write. A.Lot.
– Get up consistently by 5:30AM

Business Goals :

– Refresh Website
– Start Email Newsletter
– Impliment “Monthly Duty Day”
– Switch Client Workflow to Studio Ninja
– Read 12 books (business, spiritual, leisure)
– Book 10 more weddings in first Quarter for 2018
– Book 25 Weddings for 2019 (we’re getting there!)
– Bridal + Pricing Guide
– Attend a Networking meeting/ coffee date with another entrepreneur once a month

Well friends, thats it for now. I will continue to blog my monthly goals so always be on the lookout for those posts at the beginning of every month!

I would love to hear about some goals you have planned for this year! Lets make it the best year yet!


** Planner in image is The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley**