Reading is one of my favorite past times. It never used to be that way but last year I had set a goal to read a lot and although I didn’t read as many books as I had set to read – 24 to be exact, I did read a ton of business books. I learned so much and some of the books changed my life and I still implement their teachings each day.

I thought I would post the books that I want to read this year and if you love to read you are more than welcome to follow along! Every month, I will be posting which book I will be starting and posting it on my Instagram and through my Newsletter! Feel free to order these books and read along with me! Some are business, some are spiritual and some just for leisure! Even if you don’t own your own business many of these books still apply to you!

I hope you join me in reading at least one of these books this year and if you have any book recommendations, please shoot me an email!

Book List 2018 \\

Business :
The 4-Hour Work week
The Compound Effect
168 Hours
Deep Work
Get a Grip
What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast

Spiritual/Personal :
Present over Perfect
What did you Expect?
Boundaries in Marriage
How’s your Soul?

Leisure :
My Husbands Wife

Happy Monday!


**Full Disclosure – Affiliate links are used in this post. I appreciate it if you purchase your books through these links to help cover my time in researching and sharing these books.**