Rome Italy Vacation boat image
Rome, Italy Vacation image Villa Borghese.

Happy Spring!

Spring has Sprung, which means April Goals are full of being outside! Yesterday, we celebrated Easter by brunching, spring cleaning, playing games and soaking up the beautiful sunshine, just me and my boo! It was a great kick off to the month and I am so excited for all that is in store in April! I’ve started spring cleaning as well and have completed the kitchen, pantry, garage, master bathroom and my closet! Still so much cleaning and organizing to do! 

I completed all my goals from last month and on Wednesday I will be sharing our vacation pictures from Italy! I’ll be honest I about died when I got my scans back (SO many heart eyes!!!). Also, my sweet mom is coming to visit me and I am so excited for all we have planned!

April Goals //
– Organize Office
– Finish Spring cleaning!
– Organize and Print personal photos
– Hire Copy Writer for Website
– Review Q+A for Clients
– Create + Order new Studio Albums
– Eat on patio once a week
– Spend time with my momma