Well friends, I had made every effort to get this post up yesterday but technical issues.

We were not at all planning on traveling to Italy this year, as we already have a huge bucket list trip planned for the end of the year, but last minute tickets were way to cheap so we had to just do it! Unfortunately, from the day we arrived to the day we left it rained and was super cloudy most of the time. But it didn’t stop us from having fun and soaking in the incredible opportunity to see the amazing ruins, gorgeous churches and statues! Not to mention the delicious coffee that we drank non-stop! We really enjoyed our time in Italy together, it is seriously the best to travel with your best friend who can understand any language and is a complete boss when it comes to train systems – thanks hubs!

I broke this post up into Film and Digital for each city. My only regret – I wish I would have shot way more film, 6 rolls was not even close to enough. Shooting film in a foreign country was a challenge with all the x-rays and rain, never mind the fact that it was my first time. The film images are by far my favorite because I took so much time to set up each shot and make sure it was perfect. I didn’t have to edit them and the images look so consistent compared to digital. Needless to say, I’m trying to convince Matt to sell our digital cameras and shoot only film!

Let’s get started!

Rome, Italy

First thing we did when we arrived in Rome, was head straight to see the Colosseum.To see the Colosseum in real life was incredible. I was shocked that it was literally right in the city, nothing like I had imagined but it was still beautiful. Next was the Roman Forum. I love that we made time to see everything during the day and we went back at night to see it again. Seeing everything at night when it was quiet and no one around, opened up our imagination to what it was like back in the day. Side note : we did this in France as well and we now vow to make time to see everything at night wherever we travel. The Trevi Fountain was probably my favorite thing in Rome. We enjoyed a bottle of wine at a roof top bar overlooking the fountain. An experience I will never forget. Also, we ate a delicious dinner at Roscioli (sad to say it was are only incredible meal on our trip) and we also had the best gelato ever at Come Il Latte, out of the many places we tried it!

We also went to Vatican City, saw St. Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. The paintings in the Sistine Chapel were beautiful but I was surprised at how small the actual chapel was. I always thought it was so big but it’s a small room and we all were crammed in like sardines.



One of the few times the clouds parted and the sky was blue so I had to document it!




Florence, Italy

Our most favorite city was by far, Florence. We were only there for a day but boy did we love every second of it. Florence was exactly how I imagined what Italy would look like. Very clean, tiny streets with incredible views. We love to wander and get lost in ally ways. I am so grateful we did just that in Florence because the walk we took will forever be ingrained in my mind. We stood for a moment closed our eyes and took in the smell the olive trees, listening to the birds singing and feeling the cool breeze wash over us. I could have stayed there for days.. no weeks. I am so grateful we traveled to each city but in the future, I would definitely visit Florence again.

We stood in awe of the Statute of David. When we arrived to the museum hardly anyone was there. It was quiet, we stood there just taking it all in – I can’t even find the words.






Pompeii, Italy

Oh, Pompeii was mind blowing. Getting there was an experience in and of itself but Pompeii was just indescribable. I had no idea how creative and talented they were. The beautiful murals on the walls, walking down the roads and seeing the mini colosseum was amazing. Thousands of people built and lived in this city. They had a store, restaurant, public pools – in seconds they all died and yet the city was so well preserved. Pompeii is the most amazing historical thing I’ve seen thus far in my life.






Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy

I loved Amalfi but unfortunately it was rainy and so cloudy so we didn’t get to really experience the coast like I was hoping. We spent our time in Sorrento, walking the streets, soaking in the views. I really wanted to go to Positano but unfortunately with the weather and fog we skipped out since we knew the visibility was going to be poor. I would definitely love to revisit one day and shoot a wedding!





There it is – our last minute trip to Italy. Every time before we book a trip, I always second guess if we should be spending the money to travel and then I think to myself – on my death bed am I going to ever say “I wish we would have saved the money and skipped out on traveling and making memories?”. The answer is a huge “NO”. I will never regret nor take for granted the opportunity to make memories with my best friend and see this beautiful world the Lord has created! We have both learned so much about each other and ourselves through seeing the world!

So if you are questioning on whether or not you should book the trip.. JUST DO IT!

XO, Kailey