MAY GOALS 2018Charlotte, NC


May-Goals-lay-flat-stock-imageApril was a whirl wind and I can’t believe it came and went so fast! I feel like I start every month by saying that… But really? Why does time have to go so quickly? I made a huge effort to be outside more this past month, stopping and smelling all the new smells of Spring. It was lovely. Also, my momma and her boyfriend visited and it was such a sweet time we spent together! Gosh I love them!

Well it’s May and that means weddings, shoots, gardening, travel – all the things!

May Goals//

-Paint more
-Book travel for rest of the year
-New website up (?) we’ve had some technical issues
-Create 4 new guides
-Update stock images
-Read : Boundaries in Marriage

What do you have planned this month? I would love to hear!


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