Now let me say this – I love sleep. It is the top thing I like to do on the weekend other than eat good food and shoot weddings of course! But now I love mornings and I can officially say I am a morning person.

Ever since I was born I was a night owl. I look back at my journals starting form the age of 7 and the time at the top floats somewhere between 10:30 – 11:45. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – Why in the world would your mama let you stay up late? Well she herself is a night owl so it got us all to sleep in in the morning, ha!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been so jealous of those who naturally woke up before the sun. I tried and would fail and end up sleeping till 9:00am. Now if I were to wake at 9:00am, I would feel like my day is already over. This is not to say that occasionally I don’t sleep in because I do but that looks more like 7:30 am.

Becoming a morning person

How did I become a morning person and am up writing this at 4:15 AM? Yes, AM. Well here are a few ways – I’ll expand further below.

– ” What the most successful people do before breakfast “- Laura Vanderkam
– Prayer
– Coffee
– Podcast

What the Most Successful People do before Breakfast

I’ve talked about this book so much I should be getting paid but for real it has changed my life. After reading it I knew I wanted to be a morning person more than ever and I wasn’t going to stop until I became one. It gave me real solid reasons that changed my outlook. I think it is especially hard sometimes to get up and be motivated because I am my own boss. But I knew I needed structure and a morning routine that I enjoyed. Plus, the book outlined a ton of benefits and for that fact alone I knew it had to happen. Read it. This book along with prayer and a ton of coffee will change you.


Oh my, yes, I prayed and prayed for a quite a few years. I would push myself to get up at 6:30 but ultimately throughout the day I felt like a zombie. I would get up, make coffee, grab my devotions and half the time I would fall asleep in the midst of them. Terrible I know. I realized that doing devotions in the morning made me more tired and less motivated (I do them in the afternoon/evening now).

Side Note : I’m a work in progress and I hope soon I can do my devotions first thing when I wake up! Not only that, I’m working on getting showered and dressed before I hit the office which is a huge struggle for me.


Can we just take a moment of silence for coffee? I swear it is joyous tears from angels in heaven and I treat it just as that. Pure gold. For a while I was super cheap (me? Never, ha!) and bought terrible coffee and used what I deem is from Satan – the Keurig. So, when we moved into our new house, my mom bought us a fancy pants coffee machine as a house warming gift. Yall it was on my Christmas list and all I talked about for almost a year but I refused to buy it. Thank the Lord for mommas that come through when you really need it.  It is set to go off every morning around 4:45 am and I swear the aroma wakes me up and drags me straight down stairs. I can’t resist it.


Initially I listened to a radio show/podcast that started at 6:00 am. It motivated me to get up because I love the show so much and it made me feel like I was less alone. Now I don’t listen to them in the morning for a few reasons – first, I find them distracting (so I listen to them during other parts of my day) and second, I’ve come to love feeling alone. The quietness in the morning. It fills my soul.

Changing my life

How has being a morning person changed my life?

– Productivity
– Energy + Less Tired

More productive

Y’all I am 1,000x more productive and more focused than ever before. I found that my most productive hours were in the AM. The second I get up I run down stairs grab my coffee and immediately get to work. I call it Focused work because it really is my most productive time in all my work day. I now plan the hard stuff – the stuff that takes a lot of brain power right away in the morning because I am way more likely to accomplish it and much faster than doing it later. This usually means writing – blog posts, content, etc. My mind is clutter free in the AM, life hasn’t happened yet, people aren’t vying for my time. Also, I rarely look at social media in the morning and never check email because it can be a total buzz kill.

More energy  + Less Tired

This is so weird but I require less sleep and have an abundance of energy. Normally we are in bed by 9:30 but we don’t usually fall asleep till 10:30ish. Before when I was getting up later, I would need coffee in the afternoon to keep me going, which is so backwards. I used to be so tired during the day and we thought something was wrong with me so I went to the doctor and all checked out. What I’ve now realized, as bizarre as it sounds, I believe I was getting too much sleep which in turn was making me groggy. I’m much more relaxed and stress free since I’m no longer tired and rushing trying to accomplish my to-dos.

There you have it. A lot of prayer, coffee and a life changing book helped me accomplish what I thought was impossible. I crave early mornings. They are so sacred to me and I’m thriving simply by getting up a few hours earlier than I used too.

You can do the same, trust me.

XO, Kailey