Summer is here and boy, am I thankful. As a child there was nothing quit like summer. Long days playing outside with friends, swimming, eating popsicles in the pool, sleepovers and playing in the treehouse. Oh, to be 8 again.

Life is so fleeting and it’s hard to believe I am turning 25 in two months. But here we are – the garden is growing rapidly, the hydrangeas in front of our house have blossomed and the smell of sweet summer nights hangs in the air. There is so much I want to accomplish this summer but also I want to take the time to slow down, reevaluate where I am, and do some growing myself.

June Goals //

– Vacation on Nantucket (my heart can’t wait)
– Read : The Island and The Compound Effect
– Make my first ever cheesecake
– Create new style boards

This summer I want to be intentional. It’s not about doing all the things but rather soaking up the moments that make this life so sweet.