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If you missed how I got started in Photography you can read all about it, here. I’ve had so many people message and email me all about film. Why I switched, how to I like it, a million questions. I decided to do a few things… Blog about it, my why behind it all, as well as, make some guides to help those who either want to jump in and start or who are simply curious!

I’m breaking this up into two parts. Part One is all about why film for personal reasons and Part Two is all about business reasons. Click here to read Part Two.

– Feel 
– Intentionality
-Timeless look
– Personal images
– More creative

Biltmore garden on film by Charlotte North Carolina Photographer

Feel –

Oh the feel of film running across your fingertips. I love the tangible. Popping a memory card in my camera doesn’t make my heart skip a beat like taking the tab off the film, rolling it onto the spool and hitting the shutter hearing it wind.

Intentionality –

Last year I was in a funk, tired of the rat race in my personal life and just wanted to go back to the basics. Slowing down and making pasta sauce by scratch, making homemade cakes. Squeezing lemons to make fresh lemonade. Picking veggies out of our garden. I wanted to live with intention, slow down and savor this unbelievably short but full life. So then walked in film. Everything that I was embodying in my personal life hadn’t transpired in my business until film. Every single time I take an image it costs me $2. So, I must shoot with intention. I must slow down. It has taught me patience. I sit and wait, anticipating the right moment – then it comes and I hit the shutter.

Side note – The other day I had to finish a roll after an engagement session so I photographed my friend’s children. You can see the blog post, here. In a matter of 45 minutes I had taken 9 images but let me just say. They were the best 9 images ever. If I would have shot digital – 1) I would have never taken pictures of her kids and 2) I would have taken probably 400 to then sit at my desk to cull and edit. Now it is Quality over Quantity. I rather give my clients the best 9 images than 100 okay ones.

Timeless –

One of my most favorite reasons why I love film so much is because of the look. It is timeless. The skin tones are just creamy and delightful, the greens are green, the sky is blue. There is a richness in film images that you cannot get with digital. The look stands out. Photography started on film and I love the idea of going back to that timeless look. Not the over saturated, blown out sky, over edited digital image but the authentic, effortless image.

Personal images –

Now when I have a few images left on a roll I go out and photograph either my husband or friends, our garden. I couldn’t tell you honestly the last time I picked up my digital camera and photographed my personal life. Simply because the thought of having to cull and edit was enough to make me not want to document my own life. Now I don’t feel that way. I love documenting my life and my friends lives with the leftover shots. Oh and I actually print them out because there aren’t a billion to choose from. Only a few and they are the best of the best.

Creativity –

I have become way more creative because I have had to slow down. I don’t just hit the shutter and hope for the best. For some reason, it’s hard to explain but film has made me more creative. In some weird way it has opened up my mind to viewing the world differently and thus has made me think outside of the box.


I could talk on and on about film really. My poor husband, it’s all he ever hears coming out of my mouth. But hey when you are passionate about something you don’t just want to keep it to yourself, you want to share it!

Check back next Monday for Part 2!




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