Hi Friends!

If you missed Part One of Why I switched to Film, check it out, here.  Today I am talking about the business benefits of shooting film!

-Less culling and editing
-Quality + Color
-More engaged in my couple
-Better experience
-More latitude in different lighting

Less Culling and Editing –

Prior to shooting film, after I photographed a session or wedding I would come home and upload all the files. From there, I would cull through them which took about 45 minutes and then I would edit which would take on average 8 hours. One wedding would essentially take me a whole day just to cull and edit.

But now that I switched to film once I’m done with a wedding or session, I package up my film, take it to the post office and send it to my lab. There is no pressure of having to work on it right away and get it out. My lab sends my scans to me usually within 5 business days. From there, I look over them adjust brightness and contrast if need be and I’m done. Upload the images to the client gallery and off they go.

What used to take me up to 10 hours now takes me an hour max. Needless to say I have a life now.

Quality + Color –

I used to deliver around 1200 images for a wedding. Cray. I have been cutting back the images I deliver because 1) I shoot way less than I was shooting on digital and 2)  Quality over Quantity. Film images will never go out of style. Like I said in the previous post, film is timeless and I believe from a business perspective the images you deliver on film are better quality than digital for my clients.

Secondly, the Color of film is true to life. When shooting digital, on any given camera the colors will always look different. With film, I’ve found that the colors are more true.

More engaged with my couples –

I am one hundred percent more engaged with my couples than ever before. Rather than taking a few shots then checking the back of my camera, now I shoot and talk and never take my focus off my clients. This has elevated my clients experience because I’m focused on them, making sure they are comfortable, getting to know them on a deeper level. I’m not consumed with the back of my camera. Now my camera is just a tool for me to document life, not to distract me from it.

Better experience –

This goes hand in hand with engaging with my clients more. During an engagement session, my clients ask me a ton of questions about film and it really helps us connect on a different level. It breaks the ice and gives us something to talk about in the beginning. This has essentially helped my clients open up to me. Also since I can’t see the images right away,  I’ve realized it takes the pressure off of them.

Latitude with light –

As long as I have the sun, I can shoot in any lighting scenario. Having to shoot during the middle of the day was always a pain in my side because of shadows and blowing out the sky. All the things. Now with film, I can shoot in the middle of the day and my shadows are perfect and my skies are blue. Because I meter for the shadows the light in the image always turns out even and beautiful. No more wasted time trying to brighten an image because I wanted to save the sky but then have to deal with shadows on people’s face. ALL the Praise Hands.

Well there you have it! The Why behind shooting film. I hope you learned a little something and if you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below! If you are interested in learning film feel free to sign up, here. I will be sending out a guide once a month about film, shooting your first roll, best gear, all the things!