Sweet Jesus, I kicked July 1st in the pants by shooting the most gorgeous wedding  in South Carolina. It was #hotasamother but so worth it! Any who, I’m leaving oh so soon to fly to my favorite little island in the middle of nowhere. I will be writing and drinking all the coffee at The Bean. Eating all my favorite food… hello milkshakes at the Pharmacy and Thanksgiving sandwiches at Provisions (just to name a few). Reading and rolling film and of course going to the Osona Auction. Basically, living my best life. Literally the place I dream about all year long. I.can’t.wait.

Since it’s summer I’ve cut down the amount of goals I want to accomplish because.. its summer. No need to further explain.

July //

-Soak up every second on Nantucket
-Write as much as my little heart can
-Read all the books but specifically  Big Little Lies and Radical
-Create style boards with my friend

What do you have planned in July? I’d love to hear in the comment below!


p.s. – if you missed the blog posts “Why I switched to film” – you can read Part 1 and Part 2.