I’m a quarter of a century old and man does it feel good! Now I’ll be honest, I’m not one to really enjoy celebrating my birthday because most of my life I’ve struggled with Peter-Pan Syndrome. Yeah, I don’t want to grow up.

BUT…. This year is different. This Birthday is different. At the beginning of the year I wrote out things I wanted to accomplish before I turned the big 2-5. I also wrote out what I want to accomplish throughout my 25th year. I’ve always had an idea of where I wanted to be when I was 25 and some of those ideas I’ve accomplished and some I have yet too.

I spent this morning in prayer, writing a list of things I’m grateful for, reviewed Goals to accomplish in this new year of life, and drank a few too many cups of coffee because I can. It’s funny when people say ‘where did the time go?’ Trust me, I do this too but often times if we would stop and think we have lived a lot of life in those years. We have grown, become braver. Rather than asking ‘where has the time gone?’ we should be asking ‘Were we intentional with the time that we have had?’

I’m working on living more out of intention. I was having a conversation recently and I spoke words and then stopped and started to cry. The words I spoke -“I’m becoming the person I’ve always dreamt of being.” This year I’ve taken a hard look at who I am. What did I like. What needed to change. Not just changes within myself but also the relationships around me, how I run my business, how I run my house. I took baby steps – small tweaks here and there. I’ve replaced self criticism with love and acceptance. I started eating healthier (don’t worry I will still eat dessert at your wedding). I started running again and my soul comes alive every time. I’ve read way more books than I thought possible. I’ve been getting up before 5:00 AM and loving every second of it. I’ve been diving into the Word and praying before my feet hit the floor. I’ve stopped picking my body a part and rather started to point out the things that I love instead.Y’all I love who I am becoming and I never thought I could. I never thought I could quiet the voice in my mind that said I wasn’t good enough or skinny enough or smart enough. I am enough but I only realized this because I made small changes that have had a huge impact on my life.

So as I jump into my 25th year, I wanted to share my 10 things I’m grateful for and share my Top 6 Goals I want to accomplish within my next year of life. Most are big crazy goals but I have no doubt I can mark off each one before I turn 26!

Top 10 things I’m grateful for Today :

1. Health

2. Marriage

3. Family

4. Career

5. Experiences

6. Joy

7. Hot Coffee

8. Feel things deeply

9. Hard Times

10. Becoming who I’ve always wanted to be

Top 6 Goals for my 25th year :

1. Travel to Europe for a month

2. Run a Marathon

3. Learn a new language

4. Become debt Free + Create action plan to pay off mortgage in 2 years

5. Write a book

6. Kayak with Killer Whales

Lastly, as if this isn’t long enough, I wanted to share some of my favorite memories after living for a quarter of a century ;)

Thank You. Thank you for following along. Thank you for supporting whether it was in business, or holding my hand and helping me overcome my fear, or being a shoulder to cry on or making sweet memories with me. My life is so much sweeter because of the people in it.