It’s the month of all things joy-filled. The month of family time, decorating cookies, twinkling lights, caroling and spreading the love of our Savior. Now let me back up.. If I was being honest I haven’t always had a love for Christmas… I was your modern day Grinch. Up until this year. I think the main reason for being a grinch in the past is shopping overwhelmed me, wrapping terrified me, and I always felt rushed. But not this year. I decided this year shopping would be done by December 1st, gifts would be wrapped, plans would be made, work would end December 15th. Thus far I have stayed true to this. I could not be more excited about this holiday season.

This past weekend Matt and I spent time decorating our little house, bought the most perfect Christmas tree and decorated it all while eating pizza, wings and drinking wine (a new tradition), and shot our Christmas card photo! It was a weekend for the books and my goodness what sweet memories we made!

December Goals //

    • Spend an evening out to dinner and drive around seeing lights
    • Enjoy family time
    • Wrap up all business by December 15th
    • Spend time in prayer and the word
    • Read, read, read
    • Enjoy the small moments
    • Give back

What are your goals this December? Leave a comment below!