Last year, I blogged the books that I was planning on reading throughout the year and I thought I would share again this year! So many people not only wanted to take part but also had great recommendations! Last year I took on 12 books total and halfway through the year I added more.

Well ended up, the latter half of the year I didn’t do much reading as I was super busy and traveled a lot. Not only that, I found my self stressing because I needed to keep up and started speed reading. I wasn’t truly grasping all the information I was reading because I was just trying to meet my goal. I can speed read right through fiction books but when it comes to nonfiction I like to take my time so I can understand and apply what I’m reading.

After a trial year, I’ve decided to take on a total of six books this year. If I read through the list below then I’ll add more books to the bunch. I’m taking more of a relaxed approach, as I truly enjoy reading and don’t want to burn out just because I have to meet a goal I created.

2019 Book List |

Personal :

  1. Essentialism
  2. The Husbands Secret

Spiritual :

  1. How’s Your Soul?
  2. Emotionally Healthy Spiritually

Business :

  1. Deep Work
  2. Creativity, Inc.

If you have recommendations on books that you love – fiction or nonfiction – please email me or message me. I am always looking for new books!



p.s. if you don’t like reading or simply can’t find the time, I recommend going online to your local library. You can rent most books in audio format for free. You’re welcome!