It’s actually February?!  I know I’m not the only one who felt like January took forever to get through. Not that I’m complaining at all…  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of January… We launched our new website, set goals for the new year, shot our first wedding of the year in Florida, read a lot, watched movies and most exciting of all, the hubs got an offer from Bank of America (we’ve been waiting for the official offer for months). So needless to say January was a wonderful month besides the cold weather!

I didn’t quite meet my blogging goals for twice a week so this month I’m trying to get ahead of the ball by prepping and scheduling them. Last year I made so much progress on things I wanted to change/goals I wanted to accomplish but this year I’m taking things a little slower. Trying to be intentional and not be busy for the sake of being busy. It feels weird to not schedule out every second of my day but I’m trying to balance being productive with rest.

I’ve decided to break up my goals into business and personal and follow up every month to see if I met them. I feel like this will give myself more clarity and also, keep me accountable!

Goals for February |

Personal –

  1. Exercise 3x per week – I’m hoping to run once per week and do Pure Barre 2 times per week. Wish me luck!

  2. Cook 2 recipes from Julia Childs cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I recently watched the movie – Julie & Julia, I know I’m late to the party by a few years. Anyways, the hubs and I decided we would take it slow but want to work our way through her cookbook

  3. Book and plan 2019 trips. We have quite a few places we want to travel to this year so now that we have dates picked we need to actually book and plan! So excited to travel with my best friend hopefully a lot this year!

  4. Order personal albums – I made my mom an album from our London trip for Christmas which inspired me to make albums of Matt and I’s trips the last few years!

Business –

  1. Sign up for a course or workshop – I have my eyes set on a few so I just need to decide which would be best to help me grow in Photography and Business!

  2. Shoot 2 rolls with and without a Light Meter – this sounds odd because most use a light meter to make sure they are exposing their film correctly and I do to when I am shooting clients. But when I went to Italy last year and London I never used my light meter – I just set my setting to what I thought they should be. I love, love, love the coloring and how gorgeous they turned out. So I am going to experiment a bit and take the same image once with what I think it should be and once with a light meter. I’ll have it processed and see what I like more. I have a feeling I’ll be shooting from my gut from now on. I’ll be sharing more about this on Insta stories when I start the process and possibly write a blog post on it.

  3. Order Bridal Guide – Ahhh I’m so excited about these! They are so pretty and I’m almost finished with them I had something previously but I didn’t like the layout so this guide is over 70 pages of beautiful images and all the tips. Yay!!

  4. Blog 2 times per week – As I said before I didn’t meet this goal in January but I’m determined to make it happen this month. Blogging takes so much time and planning but I love it!

Happy month of love!