Well, it’s almost the middle of March and I am just writing out my goals for the month. February was a doozy, so lets recap before jumping into March.

February Recap –

Yall, February started out so wonderful. I was back to getting up early, knocking out my to-do list, working on a new side project with my fave business babe, exercising – all the things. And then… I had a head injury. Yes, ended up I hit my head super hard and had a concussion. Thankfully I am doing SO much better but still recovering as I’m now having issues with my neck. I laid in bed for two weeks and it was awful but I’ll tell you what, the Lord is so good and so faithful. We were worried I wouldn’t be able to travel or do much if I could. By the grace of God, the weekend before we left, most of my symptoms cleared.

As I said last month, I am going to follow up with my goals. Although most I didn’t accomplish, as I was down and out for half the month.

Personal :

  • Exercise 3x per week – I did this only half the month because of said injury
  • Buy and cook 2 recipes from Julia Childs cookbook – Never got around to this and doesn’t look like it will happen this month either.
  • Book and Plan 2019 trips – Did do this and went on one of many trips planned this year!
  • Order personal albums – Created and ordered one.. 2 more to go!

Business :

  • Sign up for a course or workshop – did this! Signed up for a few courses and hoping to do a workshop in the fall!
  • Shoot 2 rolls with and without a Light Meter – Didn’t do this… Adding this to this month’s goals!
  • Order Bridal Guide – once again doing that this month.
  • Blog 2 times per week – I started and then… Hoping to get back on schedule!

On to March –

Oh, Spring is in the air and this is my favorite time of year! Working in the garden, spring cleaning, making homemade dishes, evening walks. I couldn’t be more excited about this month. We typically take a trip at the beginning of March since my husband is in school and that is when his Spring Break is (three cheers for this being his last spring semester)!

This past week we decided to take a trip to Quebec City, Canada! It wasn’t originally where we were planning on going but it turned out to be such a blessing. Quebec was freezing, dropping into the negatives but it was absolutely magical. We stayed in a castle, went to an Ice hotel and so much more! I am sending off my film this week so be on the lookout for a post coming soon! But after last months shenanigans and traveling, I’m ready to jump back into work and soak up all the fun things we have going this month!

Goals for March |

Personal :

  • Celebrate Matts Birthday this week! I ordered a dessert from our favorite baker and I can’t wait to celebrate him all week!
  • Host Matts family over the next few weeks! We are always excited when family comes to visit so we have lots of fun things planned!
  • Finish up reading – How’s Your Soul
  • Ease back into exercising – Surprisingly I miss it so much!
  • Finish Spring Cleaning – seriously one of the top things I look forward to every year!

Business :

  • Shoot 2 rolls with and without a Light Meter – last months goal
  • Order Bridal Guides!
  • Start Editing for new Clients!!! So excited about this new venture!
  • Prepare to launch a new side business with my business bestie (and real-life bestie)! Details coming soon!!!

Wow, that was all so very long, if you made it this far you deserve a virtual high-five! But truly, I’m hoping that this month I accomplish a few more goals and refrain from having another injury. Oh and real quick, I’m working on batch writing blog posts, so if you have any business or life questions that you want me to write about, shoot me a message or email!

Happy Monday!