Oh, happy day!  April is one of my most favorite months. I equate the month to a fresh start, new things. Lord knows after a busy March we are ready for a fresh start!

I’m just going to be real.. This year has not gone as I had planned. Many things happened over the last few months that caused me to put almost everything on hold. It is very frustrating but also I find it funny that my word of the year is – Abide. I have been learning just what it means to Abide in the Lord and be still. 

We are preparing to walk into a pretty crazy new season over these next few months. With the start of wedding season, lots of travel, the hubs graduating and transitioning to a new job, taking on editing clients (!!!)  and digging deep into writing, just to name a few. All good things. All the things we have prayed for and over for such a long time.



Last months Goals ||

Personal :

  • Celebrate Matts Birthday this week! – We did a lot of Celebrating!
  • Host Matts family over the next few weeks! – We had so much fun having family visit!
  • Finish up reading  “How’s Your Soul” – Did not finish this but so close!
  • Ease back into exercising – Doctors orders no exercising for the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Finish Spring Cleaning – did this and it felt so good!

Business :

  • Shoot 2 rolls with and without a Light Meter – didn’t happen mainly because it rained most of the month.
  • Start Editing for new Clients!!! – Started and I am loving it but also major learning curve!
  • Prepare to launch a new side business with my business bestie (and real-life bestie)! – Still working out details but it’s coming along!

Goals for April ||

Personal :

  • Plan May vacation
  •  Edit Canada images
  • Go through the filing cabinet and shred old papers
  • Finish book “How’s your Soul?” and start “Deep Work”

Business :

  • Clean all computers and external hard drives
  • Take inventory of all details + camera gear and order anything for season
  • Create new Ads and update back end of the website

Happy Spring friends!