“Why Weddings?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times. Why do you just shoot weddings and not include seniors, families, fill in the blank.

I thought I should write a little post as to why I focus on Weddings.

If you missed the post about how I got started in film, you can find it here.

To start, I do take on a handful of family/maternity sessions per year but my primary focus is weddings, engagements, anniversaries and newlyweds.

I experienced my very first wedding as a second shooter when I was 12. Yes, I was someone’s assistant at a very young age! But, I fell in love with it. Most of my weekends for a few years were filled with second shooting gigs. After a year into it, I started my own business photographing Seniors, Families, and Babies. I was taking on, any and all the shoots that I could but I knew that I wanted to hone my craft in one area.

My heart always kept going back to weddings. I loved the fast pace, stressful, quickly capture the ever-fleeting moments that weddings offered. It was/is so exhilarating.

Charlotte, NC country club wedding on film. Kailey Faith Photography, Photographer.

After getting married, weddings took on a whole new meaning for me. I personally realized just how sacred those wedding day images are. The idea that I am documenting the start of a new legacy is something that I don’t take lightly.

I adore what I do because I believe in marriage. I believe in the sacred vows that are spoken over each other. I believe in looking back at those images and saying “this is worth fighting for.” Because we have been there. We have questioned. Then we look over all the precious images we have from our first date to our wedding to images of us laughing in our home making homemade pasta and we realize this is worth it. Marriage is holy and beautiful and hard. It is a treasure worth preserving.

That is why I document Weddings.

XO, Kailey