Goodness friends, am I behind on the month! And if I’m being completely honest it’s been a struggle for me to jump back into work after such an amazing vacation! But I’m excited for summer and all we have planned. Plus, who doesn’t love getting to work by the pool all day? Yayyyy!

Y’all, May was literal insanity and might I add that it didn’t go as planned. After the heartbreaking shooting at UNCC, where my husband attends, it took all the excitement out of him finishing his Bachelors. We planned to go to Matts graduation then head straight to Florida to drop off the cats before flying to Europe… and well that didn’t go as planned either. We ended up getting hit on the highway the night before his graduation and spent the night in the hospital. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to his graduation (all the dang tears).

On top of that, it was my vehicle that we were planning to take to Florida that got in the car accident, so we had to squeeze all the things plus the cats and alllll their things into my husband’s sedan. It was a sight to behold and no less than 10 minutes into the drive we had puking cats. Finally, after stopping 10 times to clean everything up, they calmed down and we were on our way. But wait, that’s not all friends… Right after getting through Jacksonville one of the cats was sitting in the front seat with me and decided to projectile vomit all over the entire car. No, I’m not joking. Real life. We drove the rest of the way completely nauseous from the smell. All I could do was laugh. By the way, we are never traveling with the cats again…

Anyways, we jumped on a plane and THANKFULLY our trip throughout England, Germany, and Greece went off without a hitch… You best believe I was covering every day of that trip in prayer because after the start of May we had, I was freaking out. But really, our trip was a dream and we are already planning another trip over the pond very soon!

Oh, and right after flying back, we shot the most beautiful wedding in Orlando and bought Matt a new car before driving back. But this time we gave the cats Xanax and they were out, thankfully (ALL the praise hands).

Needless to say, May was a whirlwind of events and after all the excitement I must admit that life has felt a bit blah since we’ve been back.

But all in all, I’m excited to get back into blogging this month and share all the things the Lord is doing in my life…


June Goals ||

I’m making my goals short and sweet this month partially because it’s almost halfway through the month and also, it’s summer.

Personal :

-Travel to Michigan to celebrate my Grandpas 90th Birthday!

-Edit our travel images

-Be in the Word and practice praying throughout my day

-Play Tennis once a week

-Book flights to Nantucket (!!!!!)

Business :

-Cover my business and dreams in prayer

-Blog all the pretty weddings and sessions I’ve done the last few months

-Set up a new work schedule for summer

-Take pictures of our house for a new blog series


Next month I’ll follow up on my goals! Also, I’m kicking off the summer by reading the book “The Husbands Secret” and I’m SO excited!

XO, Kailey