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A note from Kailey Faith -

Hello sweet soul,


You and I, we are one in the same. 


You thumb through your grandparents wedding photographs and are immediately sent back into time. Feeling the love, an unending commitment they made to each other that day. Although you weren’t there physically, the images stir something deep in your soul, the thought of you too starting a legacy of your own. Photographs that are timeless and withstand the ever-changing trends.


We are one in the same. 


We cherish the tangible, the fleeting moments captured and relived over and over. Treasuring the in between, and choosing a love that endures. We believe the vows you speak are sacred and should be spoken over each other often. Living by a standard of grace and choosing the hard but fulfilling, over the easy and mundane.


We are one in the same.


Working seamlessly together, Matt and I, holdfast to preserving life’s most precious moments, creating artistic heirlooms, so you too can cherish the tangible, relive the unconditional love as you thumb through your own wedding images and pass down your legacy.  


Xx, Kailey


Kailey Faith is a fine art photographer specializing in weddings and events across the world. She uses her heartfelt approach along with her medium of choice – film – to compose captivating imagery that is described as intimate, refined and honest. Kailey Faith has been published in the top wedding magazines in print and online – Southern Weddings Magazine, Wedding Chicks, Utterly engaged, and many more. Whether documenting newlyweds in their home, narrating a once in a lifetime wedding or creating fine art prints, Kailey Faith consistently creates refined works of art to be passed down.


Kailey Faith works alongside her husband and better half, Matt. They work together to create a seamless wedding day flow and make sure every aspect of your wedding day is documented. Kailey Faith being the visionary, Matthew oversees executing the ideas. Above all, Kailey Faith and Matthew strive to make each experience unique and more so build an authentic relationship with their clients.

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