Amelia Island Wedding on Film | Jennifer + Paul Wedding The Ceremony overlooked the riverside at the Omni Resort in Amelia Island. Jennifer was stunning as she ascended down the aisle. She has a contagious laugh and the most beautiful smile.... READ MORE Vacation on Film| London Girls Trip Personal We went to the beginning of October and the weather was amazing! Oh my goodness such beautiful, sunny (gasp) days almost the whole trip. We crammed a ton of things in and ate... READ MORE The Contentment Challenge Personal Well, the first week I almost bought something because I forgot I was doing the challenge but it was wonderful and I learned so much about myself through this process. I need to be honest... READ MORE Charlotte Film Wedding | Madeline + Stephen Wedding It was a cool fall day as the sun shone through the beautiful oak trees. Madeline had spent the morning getting ready with her mom and best friends. She looked gorgeous... READ MORE APRIL 2019 GOALS Goals I’m just going to be real.. This year has not gone as I had planned. Many things happened over the last few months that caused me to put almost everything on hold. It is very frustrating but also I find it funny that my word of the year is - Abide... READ MORE MARCH 2019 GOALS Goals Oh, Spring is in the air and this is my favorite time of year! Working in the garden, spring cleaning, making homemade dishes, evening walks. I couldn't be more excited about this month... READ MORE VACATION ON FILM: NANTUCKET, MA Personal Summers on Nantucket is what you read about in books. Quaint streets, good food, sweet family time. Nantucket is simply the best island and nothing can compare... READ MORE OUR MISSION Business Through the entire process, from the first meeting, to long after the wedding day, our desire is to build lifelong friendships with our clients - not just helping them through the wedding process but encouraging them through the ups... READ MORE BOOKS 2019 Personal Well ended up the latter half I didn’t do much reading as I was super busy and traveled a lot. Not only that, I found my self stressing because I needed to keep up and started speed reading... READ MORE CHARLOTTE FILM WEDDING | TRINH + SHIRLEY Wedding Shirley glowed as she walked toward Trinh and tapped him on his shoulder. He spun around and his breath was taken away. Shirley looked like a dream in her wedding dress... READ MORE