June 2019 Goals Goals Goodness friends, am I behind on the month! And if I’m being completely honest it’s been a struggle for me to jump back into work after such an amazing vacation! READ MORE May 2019 Goals Goals Oh my goodness May is here and I can hear angels singing! We have counted down for to this month for what feels like forever! Why? Because my precious husband graduates.. READ MORE APRIL 2019 GOALS Goals I’m just going to be real.. This year has not gone as I had planned. Many things happened over the last few months that caused me to put almost everything on hold. It is very frustrating but also I find it funny that my word of the year is - Abide... READ MORE MARCH 2019 GOALS Goals Oh, Spring is in the air and this is my favorite time of year! Working in the garden, spring cleaning, making homemade dishes, evening walks. I couldn't be more excited about this month... READ MORE February 2019 Goals Goals Last year I made so much progress on things I wanted to change/Goals I wanted to accomplish but this year I’m taking things a little slower. Trying to be intentional and not be busy for the sake of being busy. It feels weird to not schedule out every second of my day but I’m trying to balance being productive with rest... READ MORE 2019 Goals. Goals Can you believe it... it's a new year, a fresh start. New Years is one of my favorite holidays because I believe in new beginnings, setting goals, seeing what worked the year... READ MORE DECEMBER 2018 GOALS Goals It's the month of all things joy-filled. The month of family time, decorating cookies, twinkling lights, caroling and spreading the love of our Savior. Now let me back up.. READ MORE NOVEMBER 2018 GOALS Uncategorized Hello November! Hears to all the stuffing and mashed potatoes, pies and cozy blankets, family time and board games.. READ MORE OCTOBER 2018 GOALS Goals Wait what? Did I just say October? You mean cool weather, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and all the pies. But where is the cold weather? Like why is it a billion degrees out?.. READ MORE SEPTEMBER 2018 GOALS Goals I’m a little late to this post thanks to my website being down forever! Anyways... We went on back to back trips and are home just in time to shoot a ton of weddings... READ MORE